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Professional Window Cleaning

In our homes, windows make the first impression. The state of a home’s windows reflects on the whole house and probably, the owner of the house itself. Besides this, looking out of grimy windows can be depressing. The views from your home may be spectacular and your garden may be beautifully landscaped but if you can’t see them because your windows are streaky or cloudy, then you might as well not have them at all.  

The Benefits of Clean Windows

Simply put, clean windows give a good first impression. If your home’s windows are clean and well maintained, your house will appear clean and well maintained, as well. 

Smudges, dirt and mineral or water stains limit the amount of sunlight that streams into your home. It could make your home appear darker and you are not able to maximize the natural light that clean windows afford. In the winter, sunlight is not able to heat the inside of your house for maximum benefit, if there are smudges. Furthermore, lack of direct sunlight promotes the growth of mildew and can even encourage bugs or insects to grow in you home.

Most importantly, regular cleaning makes your windows last longer. It discourages the build up of hard water or mineral deposits. Not only are hard water deposits an eyesore, they eventually lead to damaged windows. 

What are hard water deposits? These are caused by water that contains high mineral content - usually including calcium, magnesium and other compounds. Calcium or lime scale may initially make your windows just appear dirty but left unattended, these deposits will adhere to the glass. This makes it impossible to remove them without damaging your windows.  

The Main Causes of Dirty Windows
  • Hard water deposits
  • Pollen and Dust
  • Bird and Insect Droppings
  • Finger Prints

How Often Do You Need To Have Your Windows Cleaned?

The recommended frequency is twice a year. However, the frequency will vary depending upon the local weather conditions. If your home is near the sea, for instance, you might want to clean your windows every month or so. Salt can corrode your windows and it’s a good idea to wash your windows more frequently to prevent damage.
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Window Cleaning Before and After
The Window Cleaning Process

Cleaning windows always pose a challenge and special equipment is needed, especially for those windows that are hard to reach. For these challenging window cleaning jobs, it may be easier, not to mention safer, to just leave it to the professionals. We at A+ Cleaning can help. Our expert cleaners will make sure that your windows come out clean, clear and streak free.

  • Stubborn stains caused by hard water run off, bird droppings and elements that can cake on dirt and grime are removed using sponges, water and special cleaners.
  • Sticky substances caused by stickers or decals are removed using water in spray bottles and a plastic scraper
  • Screens are removed, vacuumed and washed with special solution to remove dirt and grime build up then rinsed. They are allowed to air dry before replacing them.
  • For outside windows, the top layer of grime is rinsed away from windows and panes.
  • The inside windows are prepared for cleaning by vacuuming dust that has accumulated to prevent dirt from being spread around during the actual window cleaning process

Window Cleaning Proper
  • We will ensure that your windows are clean and streak free by using lint free cloths, sponges and squeegees. 
  • We use mild cleaning solutions that will not cause damage to your furniture inside and to your plants outside.
  • We use cloths or towels to protect your floors.

At A+ Cleaning, we pride ourselves in not taking any shortcuts, and not cutting corners. We ensure that soapy water does not end up in your plants to ruin your landscaping. We make sure that we leave your home and garden just as we found it - only cleaner and better.

Try us today and we are certain you will be happy with our window cleaning services. Call us now for pricing and appointment: 951-808-4943 or 951-808-0309

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