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The Best Residential House Cleaning Services

Residential Cleaning

Your home should be your sanctuary from the chaotic world outside. Walking in the door should bring a smile to your face and instill a feeling of calmness and pleasure for you and your family. It should be a place that is a joy to come home to. 

A+ Cleaning wants to help you get maximum enjoyment from your home. Providing a clean home that makes you smile is our goal.

The Benefits of a Clean Home

    1)    Less Stress.  A clean uncluttered home instills a feeling of calm and serenity. A clean home is also easier to keep clean. And with a clean home, rather than cleaning up yourself, you are able to spend more time on things you like doing. 

What’s more, your house is organized and you are able to find what you need, get ready to go to work or cook without having to swim through stressful clutter.

    2)    Lower Bills Due to Repairs and Maintenance. Things in your home last longer if you keep them clean. Removing soil and dirt before it becomes a permanent stain or requires hard scrubbing helps preserve the life of all surfaces. 

Further, regular window cleaning will prevent lime or calcium scale which can damage windows permanently if not given attention. And cleaning your carpets regularly will keep them smelling and looking fresher and new longer.

    3)    Ensure Your Family’s Health and Promote Good Hygiene. Keeping a clean house helps keep bacteria that cause diseases at lower levels. Additionally, keeping your home free of dust makes it a better environment for your family, especially those who are prone to allergies. 

    4)    Prevent Pest Infestation. A dirty home naturally attracts pests to your home. Ensuring that mess, small crumbs and garbage do not pile up will lessen the likelihood of a pest infestation.

    5)    Your Home Will Be More Aesthetically Pleasing.  A clean and well maintained home, no matter how big or small will always look its best. A clean home is something to look forward to coming home to at the end of the day. And when guests do come -- your clean home is welcoming. 

A+ Cleaning Specializes in Residential Cleaning

A+ Cleaning offers residential cleaning services and we take pride in cleaning your home beyond your expectations. We never cut corners -- we make sure to clean them! Your full satisfaction is our sole mission. 

We understand that each customer has his or her unique requirements and specifications. That is why we offer home cleaning that is customized to suit individual needs. Our well trained, professional and caring crew will ensure that they clean your house according to your specifications, with no short cuts and in a systematic manner. 

What to Expect with an A+ Home Cleaning?

Dusting and surface cleaning. Using microfiber cloths and mild but effective cleaning solutions, we ensure that each nook and cranny and every corner is wiped down to remove dust and grime.

Kitchen Cleaning. Keeping a clean kitchen cannot be emphasized enough. Kitchens are a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs. With us preparing and often, having family meals in the kitchen, it is important that no cross contamination happens to cause food-borne illnesses. 

At A+ Cleaning, we not only ensure that the sinks, kitchen counters, back splash, floors and appliances are clean and free from visible grime, we take extra care in your kitchen to ensure it is squeaky clean.  

Bathroom Cleaning.  E Coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter, Dermatophytic fungi and Staphylococcus Aureus are just some of the things that can grow and multiply in a bathroom. Yuck! If the mere mention of the names themselves cause alarm, their possible effects are even scarier. They can cause the flu, serious gastrointestinal issues or dermatological problems. 

A+ Cleaning will ensure that risk from these pathogens is greatly minimized with thorough bathroom cleaning. We ensure that bathroom surfaces including sinks, faucets and fixtures, back splashes, tiles and grout, floor, tub and shower areas are clean -- not only visibly clean but deeply cleaned so that germs and bacteria are kept at bay. 

Sweeping, Mopping and Vacuuming of Floors. We pay close attention to floors as these get the most amount of wear and tear. We make sure that we are systematic in doing your floors. We do the vacuuming last so that debris that has been shifted to the floor during the whole cleaning process is swept up and out.  

Specialized Services That You May Want to Try

At A+ Cleaning, we do not pressure you to buy services that you may not want or need. However, if you want more specialized services to pay particular attention to problem areas, we are happy to help. Aside from the regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly residential home cleaning, as well as one-time deep cleaning, check out our menu of our other services.  

Consider our other specialties:

Carpet Cleaning
Window Washing
Move in/Move out Cleaning
Exterior Home Pressure Wash
Tile and Grout Cleaning

And if you have this particular need, we are also happy to provide Office Cleaning services.

Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

We take pride in the work that we do. We have built our reputation upon happy and repeat customers. Because we believe that a satisfied customer is the best endorser, we take care that each client’s expectations are met and exceeded.  

Call now to ask about our prices and schedule an appointment at 951-808-4943 or 951-808-0309. Or schedule online.  Or to Give a Gift of House Cleaning, click to go to gift certificate options.

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