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The Best Professional New Construction Cleanup Services

New Construction Cleanup
New Construction Cleanup

If you have been through any home construction - new build, a flip or a renovation, laying that very last brick or tile signals the end. And it’s time for a celebration. Think again! The work is not really over until there’s not a trace of debris or dirt or scuff mark in your newly constructed or renovated home. 

The debris and garbage in a construction site can build up. Cleaning up after an exhausting major construction is not easy and poses a challenge. Often, it has to be done in a short amount of time to get a house “show” or move in ready. You can decide to do it yourself but why take on the headache? A+ Cleaning specializes in new construction cleanup. Let us take care of the mess while you take that much needed rest.

What to Expect with an A+ New Construction Clean Up?

With A+ Cleaning, expect only the best. We will clean your property to your requirements and then go a step further to exceed your expectations. 

Here is a checklist of what we do for a new construction clean up.  

Initial Cleanup

  • Walls - removal of dust, dirt, scuff marks and smudges
  • Ceilings - dusting of ceilings, ceiling fans, chandeliers or light features
  • Cleaning of trim, baseboards, window frames, and doorframes
  • Woodwork - dusting of handrails, mantels, and other various woodwork
  • Doors - not only fronts but sides and tops of doors
  • Hinges - removal of any paint, mud, and debris from hinges
  • Windows - streak free glass , cleaning of tracks, frames, etc. and removal of any stickers
  • Interior masonry - includes brick, rock, marble, etc.
  • Floors - thorough cleaning and sweeping including buffing, waxing, sealing if necessary
  • Carpets - thorough cleaning of the carpets including corners, if necessary
  • Light fixtures and bulbs, and electrical switches and outlets are wiped and cleaned
  • Floor vents - we remove them to vacuum ducts
  • Closets, cabinets and top of shelves are given special attention
  • Drawers - these are removed and cleaned 
  • Blinds/shutters are cleaned and dusted
  • Trash - removed and disposed of
  • Plastic film - we ensure that all protective plastic film is removed and disposed of

We do not stop here. After the initial cleanup, we pay special attention to specific areas of your property if construction touched them:

Cleanup of Entryways and Driveways

  • Entryway - this is dusted then vacuumed
  • Porch - cleaned and swept
  • Exterior lights - stickers are removed and lights are cleaned
  • Driveway, porch, deck, etc can be pressure washed as necessary


  • Shelving and drawers are dusted and vacuumed
  • Cabinet doors, tops of cabinets, glass, etc. are wiped and dusted
  • Countertops, edges, and back splashes are scrubbed and dried
  • Walls and floors - we make sure that kitchen walls are wiped clean and floors mopped
  • Excess caulking is cleaned
  • Adhesives, and debris from sinks/faucets are removed
  • Appliances are cleaned inside and out as needed. Undersides are checked for accumulated dust or debris 
  • Packaging, plastic, labels, etc are removed and thrown away

Bathroom - the same attention is given to the bathroom, much like in the kitchen

  • Cabinets are cleaned thoroughly
  • Excess caulking is removed
  •  Adhesives, and debris from sinks/faucets are removed
  • Toilets are cleaned and disinfected
  • Walls are wiped 
  • Floors are mopped and dried
  • Mirrors and glass are cleaned with no lint cloths
  • Stickers from toilet, bathtub, sink, etc. are removed and disposed of
  • Packaging, plastic, labels, etc. are likewise removed and disposed of

Utility and Laundry Area and Garage

  • Cabinets are cleaned inside and out
  • Appliance are wiped and cleaned thoroughly
  • Floors are swept and vacuumed
  • Furnace, water heater, and other utilities are wiped clean

The list of tasks for new construction cleanup can be quite extensive but no job is too big or daunting for A+ Cleaning. Let us take care of your construction cleanup and save you the stress and headache. Contact us at 51-808-4943 or 951-808-0309 or schedule an  appointment online. 

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CALL NOW TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT   951-808-4943 OR 951-808-0309
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