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Residential Cleaning:

1. How often is the ideal timing for regular house cleaning services? Should I do it weekly, twice a month? 
Most customers will have A+ clean regularly every other week. Frequency also depends upon how many people live in the home, or if you have children and/or pets. Some clients prefer to do light weekly cleaning themselves and have us in once a month for a deeper cleaning.

2. Assuming my house is cleaned regularly, how much time should it take to clean my house for a standard cleaning?  
A 4 bedroom 3 baths should take no more than 2 ½ hours, with a crew of 3.  

3. How many people will be cleaning my home? Is it the same person/people every time?
We always send crews of 3 cleaners and like to assign the same people every time.

4. Do you include cleaning appliances inside, like the refrigerator and oven, once a month? If not what is the charge to do this and how often should it be done?
We always include cleaning the inside of the microwave and toaster. The inside of larger appliances like the oven/refrigerator are not included as part of our regular residential cleaning service pricing.

As an add-on service, we will absolutely clean large appliances. The normal charge is $25.00 per appliance. Many clients request we do this one a month.

5. Do you regularly clean switch plates and doors?

6. What types of products do you use? Are they environmentally friendly?
Yes, 99 % of our cleaning products are green/environmentally friendly.

7. What do you wash the floors with?
We use the proper solution for the type of floors. Different flooring materials like wood, travertine, marble, tile, natural stone require different types of cleaning solutions.  A+ Cleaning crews are trained to use the proper solution for each type of floor.

8. Do you only dust furniture or will you polish it if asked?
Yes, we both dust and polish your furniture every time we clean.

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Carpet Cleaning:

1. Is your process wet or dry or steam clean or what?
Our process is steam cleaning.  

It has been proven that steam cleaning your carpets is a much better way of extracting not only the dirt on the carpets but also cleans the padding. The A+ carpet cleaning process cleans your carpets all the way from the bottom to top, different than other services that just clean dirt from the surface. Cleaning the padding as well prevents soaked-in stains from reappearing.

2. How long does it take my carpets to dry?
With the A+ carpet cleaning process, using our state-of-the-art-equipment, your carpets should be dry in 2 to 3 hours.

3. Do you move furniture and then put it back?
We do move small furniture items like, chairs, tables, decorations, end tables, night stands etc. 

And yes, we do put whatever we move back in their places. 

We also use special bumpers to protect walls and furniture from being damaged.

4. Will the cleaning solution harm the legs of my furniture?
No. Our solutions our very mild and environmentally friendly and will not harm your furniture or floors. We are also careful with your walls and use special bumpers to protect them.

5. How often should I regularly clean my carpets.
It is recommended to clean your carpets at least once a year but if you have small children or pets we highly recommended cleaning them every 6 months.

6. If I do spill something on them after they are cleaned, what is the best way to clean up the spot?
If you spill something on the carpets after they are cleaned, immediately clean the spill with some dish soap, hot water and a sponge followed by drying with a clean towel.

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Window Cleaning:

1. Do you take off screens and clean them? 
Yes, we do take all the screens off carefully, and wash them with water and brushes. Then we dry them.

2. Can you remove water mineral stains from the glass?
Yes, however, depending upon how often you wash your windows an how long the stains have been there, it is likely the water mineral stains will not come off with the standard window washing. We do offer a window restoration service for a small fee.

3. What about my planted areas?
We make sure not to trample plants or flower beds. We do the same inside your home; we move things very carefully and place them back when we are done.

4. What about windows on the second story?
Of course, we do all the windows, including those on upper stories. We use very tall ladders.

5. How often should I have my windows cleaned?
Most of our clients do their windows yearly at a minimum. However, many of them hire us to do window washing every 6 months, to keep them fresh and give their homes a sparkling clean look. Quite often this is timed with the holidays; once in the spring, and once again before Thanksgiving.

If your home has dual paned glass, we highly recommend cleaning your windows a least once yearly to avoid condensation.

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Tile and Grout:

1. Will this restore my grout to it’s original color?
For the most part, yes, your grout should come up as it was before, however if your grout has never been sealed or has not been cleaned for some time, it makes it difficult to restore it 100% to the original color.

This is because of the nature of the material. Grout is porous and it absorbs everything that gets spilled. This is why it is important to wipe up spills immediately, and to regularly have your grout sealed.

2. What is sealing the grout and do you do this?
Sealing is a clear alcohol based liquid protector that helps repel spills and other elements that otherwise will penetrate and be absorbed by your grout.

That is the reason that A+ CLEANING always seals your grout.

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Pressure Washing

1.Will I save money by pressure washing my home?
Yes. Pressure washing your home can save you thousands o dollars you might otherwise spend on external house painting.

2. Will pressure washing restore the original color to my walls?
Most of the time yes. But it also depends upon how many years ago the home was painted, and whether you have rain gutters. The exterior home color can make a difference as well. Some colors stand up better to weather and sun aging than others.

3. Will pressure washing damage my wood trim and will the inside of my walls be affected by the running water?
Absolutely not! We make sure all of your windows are closed and always stay away from your window trim.

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