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Carpet Cleaning
Importance of Regular Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting is one of those things we all appreciate having in our homes. Carpeting can increase warmth in the winter time, and feels soft underfoot when barefoot. Carpeting can also impact the look of a room, due to the variety of colors and textures that are available. Keeping that carpeting clean, germ-free, and looking new, however, can sometimes be a challenge.

Let’s look at the reasons having a carpet regularly cleaned is important:

1. First on the list would be to improve the look of your carpet. It is important that your carpet looks, not only clean, but just as bright, neat and tidy as the first day it was installed. Stains and marks can certainly mar your carpets appearance.

Vacuuming the carpet at least once a week can keep dirt, debris, bits and bobs that may have built up on your carpet at bay. However, professional cleaning can get below the surface to really remove stains and odors to make sure that your carpet stays clean and fresh longer.

2. The second reason for carpet cleaning is to maintain the good smell of your carpet and the room. Carpets are victims to all sorts of grime and unwanted things (e.g. dust, pet fur, crumbs, etc.), or even accidents (e.g. vomit, urine, food spill). If not cleaned thoroughly, these things will linger and will cause your carpet to smell foul, particularly as the offending stain “ages”. A good carpet cleaning gets below the surface to be sure the odor-causing culprit is eliminated.

3. Carpets can also house many elements that make a dirty carpet harmful to your health: bugs, mites, allergens, fungi, and bacteria to name a few, can build up without you even knowing. Professional cleaning helps remove and prevent these elements from clinging to the carpet fibers. A deep professional carpet cleaning makes for a healthier home for you and your family.

4. Carpets are expensive and keeping them clean protects your investment. With regular cleaning, you maintain the look and condition of the carpet, and it actually wears better and longer. Further if you plan on eventually selling your home, a clean-looking carpet is a huge plus. Stains that are not thoroughly removed attract further dirt and may become ground in, meaning the need to replace the carpet sooner than planned. A stain free, spot-free carpet enhances the entire look of your home and makes your home appear clean and well-cared for as well.  

How Often Should You Have Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

We recommend once every 6 months for optimal carpet preservation.  

The A+ Cleaning Method of Carpet Cleaning

We are very thorough when we clean your carpets. And that includes the corners. Here are the items beyond basic carpet cleaning that we include at no extra charge. No up charges - all included:

1.    Pre-vacuum once furniture has been moved out of the area 
2.    Pre-spotting
3.    Heavy soil area treatment
4.    Enzyme treatment for odors/pet urine
5.    Treatment for fleas, ticks, and allergens
6.    Deodorizer
7.    Brighteners
8.    Carpet Conditioning
9.    Free Scotch Guard Stain Protector

Did we mention there is a 30-day warranty?  

Try us today and we are sure you will refer us as the best carpet cleaning service in the area. Call today for pricing and an appointment: 951-808-4943 or 951-808-0309

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